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Please be extremely thorough when completing this application. Our monthly grant process is very competitive and we want to make sure time and thought is put into every application submitted.

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Federal Tax Identification Number
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How is the LIDS Sports Group sponsor involved with your organization?

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If applicable (this will not affect the grant decision)

Primary Contributors/Source of Funding
Organization Mission Statement
Define how your organization aligns with the LIDS Foundation mission statement.
Current Programs and Activities in detail
Donation Request (Please specify the dollar amount, and what the funds will be used for)
How many youth will be impacted by the funds requested?
Describe how your organization can partner with the LIDS Foundation to keep an ongoing relationship.


1. Approximate Value of Donation Request<br/> 2. Intended Use of Donations and How It Aligns with the LIDS Foundation<br/> *Please be as specific as possible, i.e. youth football helmets rather than equipment

Date funds requested by
Is your organization in need of volunteers for your program and/or event?
Our employees love to be involved with organizations we grant funds to. Can the activity, program, or event described above include ways for LIDS Sports Group employees to volunteer? Please describe in detail.

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*This affects the approval process. Our Foundation is built on volunteering and we love to see our LIDS community involved in every organization we give to.

Financial Information

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Approximate Annual Revenue for Organization

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Approximate Annual Revenue for Organization

Direct to Beneficiaries
Management and General Expenses
Fundraising Expenses
Program Expenses
Salaries and Wages
Other, please explain

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Should equal 100

501(c)(3) Determination Letter

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The LIDS Foundation will not give to organizations NOT currently exempt from federal taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or created for eligible public purposes (such as public and private schools and state-funded universities and colleges).

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