The idea of charity is not a new one within the LIDS Sports Group family. In fact, the development of the LIDS Foundation was a natural extension of what many of the Company’s employees were already doing: giving back to their local communities and helping to support those in need. Through this charitable arm of LIDS Sports Group, employees now have the ability to pool together their resources on a greater scale to create synergies that will make an even more significant impact.

The primary focus of the LIDS Foundation will be to improve the lives of young people in the communities in which LIDS Sports Group operates. This will initially be done through offering resources to non-profit organizations or events whose goals align with the LIDS Foundation – those supporting healthy and active lifestyle programs.

We are ecstatic to be embarking on this exciting philanthropic journey. It is our hope that you will join us as we begin to seek opportunities that match the LIDS Foundation’s mission to better our communities, one opportunity at a time!